18 David Chang Recipes to Try (2024)

Chef David Chang has been challenging the way we think about food since he opened his first restaurant in 2004, New York's Momof*cku Noodle Bar. Food & Wine named him a Best New Chef in 2006, the same year he opened Momof*cku Ssäm Bar. Today, he owns restaurants across the globe, has garnered multiple James Beard Awards and nominations, and has starred in several food shows, including his own Ugly Delicious and The Next Thing You Eat. With this collection of Chang's Momof*cku recipes, we're sure the next thing you eat is bound to be delicious, whether it's sushi rolls, kimchi, or spicy mint brussels sprouts.

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Korean Sushi Rolls with Walnut-Edamame Crumble

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David Chang was inspired to make these playful rolls by a snack he had at Yunpilam, a temple in South Korea, where the nuns served him edamame mixed with walnuts and molasses. His rolls have an edamame and walnut filling; unlike other sushi rolls, they can be served warm.

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Super-fast Salt and Sugar Pickles

18 David Chang Recipes to Try (2)

In Japan, salt pickles are a staple. Chef David Chang serves his right after seasoning, while they're still vibrant and crunchy.

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Spicy Brussels Sprouts with Mint

18 David Chang Recipes to Try (3)

The sweet-and-salty vinaigrette on these sprouts, bolstered by fresh herbs and chiles, is a staple at David Chang's Manhattan restaurant Momof*cku Ssäm Bar. The key to the dish is to almost burn the brussels sprouts; the charred flavor is irresistible.

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Chawan Mushi

18 David Chang Recipes to Try (4)

David Chang's cookbook Momof*cku reveals the wildly creative New York City chef's obsession with Asian flavors, as in this steamed Japanese egg custard with mushrooms and crabmeat.

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Sugar Snaps and Snow Peas with Grated Fresh Horseradish

18 David Chang Recipes to Try (5)

Convenience-store wasabi-coated peas, a fiery, crunchy snack, inspired this vibrant summer dish. David Chang decided to echo the flavor of the peas by tossing some of his favorite crisp vegetables from the farmers market (including snow peas and sugar snaps) with fresh horseradish. Be sure to grate the horseradish at the very last minute, he advises, since it loses potency quickly as it sits.

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Sparkling White Kimchi

18 David Chang Recipes to Try (6)

"You see 7UP quite a bit in Korean recipes," says David Chang. "My mom cooked with it: She put it in a noodle dish, she added it to beef stock." When he wanted to prepare a quick, unconventional version of kimchi, Chang opted for 7UP. It adds lovely bubbliness to the cabbage and can be served as a side dish, like traditional red chile kimchi or with cold noodle soup.

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Honey-Soy-Glazed Vegetables with Crispy Mushrooms

18 David Chang Recipes to Try (7)

David Chang created this dish as a play on Korean sweet-and-sour pork — but without the deep-fried meat and cloying sauce. Instead, he tosses turnips and radishes with a mix of honey and soy sauce and serves them with sautéed shiitake mushrooms that have an ingenious, crispy rice-cracker coating.

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Shiitake and Swiss Chard Soup with Hand-Cut Noodles

18 David Chang Recipes to Try (8)

David Chang flavors this fabulous broth with dried shiitakes; fresh shiitakes intensify the flavor. The highlight: simple noodles thrown in at the end. "They're based on the udon I learned to make in Tokyo," Chang says.

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Maple Root Vegetable Stir-Fry with Sesame

18 David Chang Recipes to Try (9)

In Korea, cooks typically create stir-fries with just one kind of vegetable — lotus root, say, or potatoes. David Chang decided to break with tradition and stir-fry an assortment of vegetables, including Jerusalem artichokes and parsnips. Also unconventional is the maple syrup he adds to the dish; there are maple trees all around South Korea but not much maple syrup.

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Mashed Potato Spring Rolls

18 David Chang Recipes to Try (10)

David Chang took F&W's Thanksgiving challenge by improvising a Momof*cku-style feast from basic leftovers, including turning mashed potatoes and green beans into this crispy canapé, a salute to the 1950s.

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Turkey Breast with Ginger-Scallion Sauce

18 David Chang Recipes to Try (11)

David Chang recommends poaching turkey breast in leftover turkey stock before serving it with ginger-scallion sauce.

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Pearl Barley Porridge with Ham and Eggs

18 David Chang Recipes to Try (12)

Dave Chang first made this recipe at a food conference in Copenhagen, when he had very little to work with. He simmered barley in local apple cider with chicken stock and kombu, creating a deliciously sweet and savory porridge.

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Tofu Salad with Chestnuts and Apple Dashi

18 David Chang Recipes to Try (13)

David Chang's light and elegant no-cook dish features custardy silken tofu in a sweet and savory Fuji apple broth.

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Hand-Torn Pasta with Pickled Tomatoes and Herbs

18 David Chang Recipes to Try (14)

This rustic pasta is easy to make from scratch in a standing mixer. David Chang tosses it in an equally simple butter glaze along with goat cheese, fresh herbs, and spicy quick-pickled tomatoes.

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Tomato Soup with Feta, Olives, and Cucumbers

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This pretty, fresh-tasting tomato soup is David Chang's riff on Greek salad: He tops it with tomatoes, olives, honeyed cucumbers, and feta.

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Pan-Roasted Asparagus in Asparagus Sauce

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This clever dish from chef David Chang makes double use of asparagus: first for a delicate, sweet sauce, then the spears are sautéed and served in the sauce.

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Roast Bass with Kombu Butter, Iceberg Lettuce, and Asparagus

18 David Chang Recipes to Try (17)

One of David Chang's favorite ingredients in his arsenal of flavor boosters is kombu, a dried kelp that's typically simmered for stocks and soups. He pulverizes the kombu to a powder and blends it with softened butter to baste striped bass fillets.

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David Chang's Freeze-Dried Chicken Stock

18 David Chang Recipes to Try (18)

"If you're making stock, why not try to add as much flavor as possible?" asks Momof*cku chef David Chang. "You can produce a very rich broth with freeze-dried chicken and mushrooms. It's like making your own bouillon cube."

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18 David Chang Recipes to Try (2024)


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