A 10/10 Steam Game Goes Free On Xbox Game Pass July 11 (2024)


  • Neon White joins Xbox Game Pass on July 11, offering fast-paced gameplay and accessible speedrunning.
  • The first-person platformer shooter ties weapons and movements together, making every shot and step count.
  • Originally a PC and Switch title, Neon White's Xbox release marks its first inclusion in a subscription service.

Xbox Game Pass is getting some exciting additions in July, and one upcoming title has already cultivated an extremely strong reception. As a subscription service for Xbox, PC, and cloud-based gaming, Xbox Game Pass provides access to a large library of titles that are all included for paying members. Although games do occasionally leave the service, the selection continues to grow over time with new titles and previously unavailable classics alike.

As announced on the official Xbox Wire blog, Neon White will arrive on Xbox Game Pass on July 11. Originally announced for Game Pass in 2023, Neon White hasn't previously been available on Xbox platforms. The first-person platforming shooter hasn't had any trouble finding success elsewhere, with an "Overwhelmingly Positive" review aggregate on Steam serving to show how much it's resonated with audiences.


Neon White is an FPS focused on speed, accuracy, & creativity. Its world is a violent one filled with mystery, romance, & healthy amount of cringe.

Neon White Innovates With Fast-Paced Gameplay

The New Xbox Game Pass Addition Makes Speedrunning Simple

A 10/10 Steam Game Goes Free On Xbox Game Pass July 11 (2)

Neon White tells the story of an assassin named White competing to kill demons fast enough to earn a spot in heaven, a goal that tosses him into momentum-focused levels reminiscent of DOOM Eternal's intense action. Although it's possible to play through Neon White without stressing too much about perfection, it's a game that makes mastery particularly appealing. Intense movement opportunities put the focus on making it to the end as quickly as possible, and attempting to cut down on time reveals just how complex the game can get.

The big gimmick of Neon White is tying weapons and movements together, with guns appearing as cards that can be expended in exchange for parkour moves. Making every shot and step count is of the utmost importance, as managing an efficient run demands that nothing goes wasted. It might sound intimidating, but Neon White has a good way of making any player feel skilled, making speedrunning concepts widely accessible.


Neon White Is The Sonic Game I've Always Wanted

Leaderboards, bite-sized levels, and instant restarts give Neon White even more speed and replay value than recent Sonic The Hedgehog games.

Neon White's Xbox Game Pass release marks the end of a long journey to Xbox availability, with its original June 2022 PC and Switch release having been joined by a PlayStation port later in the year. This is the first time it's been included in a subscription service, so Xbox players do get a unique benefit to make up for the wait.

Neon White might not be for everyone, especially when it comes to the writing, which is unabashed in a way that can be divisive. It's hard not to be entranced by the gameplay, however, and there's a reason why the audience reception has been so strong to date. Xbox Game Pass subscribers who haven't yet gotten a chance to speed through Neon White would definitely do well to check it out on July 11 when it appears on the service.


Neon White: How To Get Ace Medals (The Easy Way)

Ace Medals can only be earned in Neon White if players have mastered a given level, allowing them to overcome the obstacles with ease and familiarity.

What Else Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass In July?

There's A Little Something For Everyone

If Neon White's high-octane speedrunning isn't what subscribers are looking for, there's no need to fret because Game Pass's July offerings, as usual, diverse in their genres and tones. Perhaps the most exciting addition is Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2, a platform brawler starring iconic cartoon characters like Spongebob, Danny Phantom, and Jimmy Neutron. The Super Smash Bros. competitor is currently available for all users to play and while it may not be as polished as Nintendo's fighter, it's still a great time with friends.

Those looking for something more cerebral but no less fun will want to play The Case of the Golden Idol which lands on the subscription service on July 9. A deduction-based puzzle game, players take on the role of a detective as they observe their environments and piece together information to solve a series of crimes that have managed to confuse authorities for decades. While its presentation may look silly, it's a mechanically smart game that rewards players for thinking outside of the box and paying attention to minor details that could easily be overlooked.

Yet undoubtedly the most interesting inclusion is Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn, a new Soulslike from A44 Games, the team behind the excellent Ashen. Highlighted during Microsoft's most recent showcase event, the explosive RPG will see players step into a Steampunk world as they embark upon a quest to slay a group of tyrannical gods. Launching as a Day One Release on Xbox Game Pass, those who're looking for something new to play after rolling credits of Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree should definitely check it out.

Sources: Xbox Wire, Steam

A 10/10 Steam Game Goes Free On Xbox Game Pass July 11 (5)
Neon White

Neon White is a first-person action/puzzle game where players take on the role of the titular hero - an assassin picked from Hell who is given a chance to earn a slot in Heaven. Neon White must exterminate demons that have made their way into heaven, and the competition is fierce. However, all masked, the competitors somewhat recognize one another, beginning to complicate things and further muddying the true reasoning behind this extermination mission. Players will utilize "Soul Cards" to attack foes, meaning all actions, including shooting, grappling, and more, are tied to a high-speed card system - which players can choose to attack foes or discard to gain unique movement abilities. The game also has lite simulation elements where players can get to know fellow assassins in visual-novel-like exchanges.

PC , PS4 , PS5 , Switch

June 16, 2022

Angel Matrix

Annapurna Interactive
FPS , Puzzle
A 10/10 Steam Game Goes Free On Xbox Game Pass July 11 (2024)


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