DIY Neon Magic: A Beginner's Guide to Neon Sign Installation (2024)

Ever imagined what changed with neon signs so much that they became a trending product once again? Their demand climbed straight up the ladder, and even statistical reports suggest that the neon sign market size is expected to cross the USD 5 billion mark by 2036. Well, it is quite amazing to witness something that captivated us for years with its vibrant colors now getting even more recognition than it ever had.

Once, they were just to illuminate storefronts and buzzing cityscapes, but now the technological revamp they have had is making people fall in love with them all over again.

Nowadays, neon sign installation is being done everywhere to add that touch of vintage flair with a modern twist. In addition to beautifying the space, the custom designs and innovative craftsmanship have led to their diverse use. Whether for decor or using them at an event, let's see how you can bring the magic of neon into your home yourself.

Here's a quick DIY neon sign installation guide for you.

Essential Considerations Before You Begin Neon Sign Installation

  • Your Safety is Always the Priority

At Best Buy Neon, our first priority is to sell you neon signs that are manufactured with complete adherence to electrical safety considerations. Ensuring electrical safety is important with neon sign installations. Of course, a neon sign does look great, but hey, they run on electricity. Therefore, it's a must to install them carefully. Below are a couple of key considerations to keep in mind before you get started:

  • Shut the Power: Ensure that you switch off the main power at the breaker box before you start any electrical work.
  • Consult a Pro When Needed: If you feel uncomfortable working with electrical wiring, don't hesitate to contact our support team. We'll ensure a safe and secure installation.
  • Read the Manual Thoroughly: Every neon sign that we are selling has a user manual along with it. It contains all the specific instructions for installation. Take your time and read it back and forth so that you understand the instructions completely before you start the process.
  • Select the Perfect Spot to Install

After ensuring your safety, picking the right spot for neon sign installation is the next step. It's important that you pick a perfect place to showcase it. Here's what you need to consider:

  • Visibility: Ask yourself this, if there's a neon sign in the corner of the room, will that be impactful? Of course, it won't be. Where a sign goes up on the wall decides its impact, so consider foot traffic, seating arrangements, and the overall flow of the space while doing it.
  • Background: A contrasting background will make your neon sign pop. Light-colored walls are ideal, while darker backgrounds can create a more dramatic effect for neon sign installation.
  • Power source: Make sure there's a nearby outlet to plug in your sign. Consider using extension cords only temporarily, as overloading outlets can be a fire hazard.
  • Tools and Materials You'll Need

We understand that neon sign installation can be quite a hassle, so we provide a separate installation kit with each of our products. Here's all that you need for an easy and quick set-up:

  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Stud finder (optional for wall mounting)
  • Level
  • Drill and appropriate drill bits (for wall mounting)
  • Screws and anchors (for wall mounting)
  • Mounting hardware (usually included with your sign)

Installation Steps: Let's Get Glowing!

  • Prep the Neon Sign Installation Mounting Area

  • Sweep the surface with a moist cloth to remove dust or debris from the area where you'll be mounting your sign.
  • Hold your sign in place, and using a pencil, mark the mounting points. This shall make screwing holes easier. If you're going to install the sign on a wall, use a stud finder. You can locate the wall studs for added stability.
  • Drill the Holes First (For Wall Mounting Only)

  • The drill machines have a bit on their head, and its size must match the diameter of the screws you'll be using.
  • Drill pilot holes at the marked locations to prevent the drywall or surface from cracking when you insert the screws.
  • Put up the Sign

  • The neon signs we sell at Best Buy Neon come with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware like many. You must read and follow the neon sign installation guide to secure the mounting hardware to the back of the sign.
  • Use screws and anchors (appropriate for your wall type) to securely fasten the sign to the wall through the pre-drilled holes. Ensure the sign is level.
  • Light it Up and Enjoy!

  • Once the sign is securely mounted, carefully plug the power cord into a nearby outlet.
  • Switch on the outlet and witness your hard work of neon sign installation glowing.

Neon Sign Installation Made Easier

So we heard you just got your dream neon sign delivered by us with a 2-year warranty to your doorstep. Well, now it's only the installation process that's keeping you from unleashing its vibrant glow.

Remember, neon sign installation involves electricity and a few mechanical tools. At Best Buy Neon, we sell the best custom neon signs with clear instruction manuals and installation kits. With our neon signs, control the lights from anywhere in the room with a remote dimmer and keep the mood glowing!

DIY Neon Magic: A Beginner's Guide to Neon Sign Installation (2024)


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