[Guide/List] Enchants for Magic Items (ult enchants included) (2024)

Basically there are really too little information on this topic, and magic dmg is quite confusing
So I decided to create this to make this topic more clear

Base Magic Dmg*(1+scaling*intel/100)*(1+ability dmg%)*(1+enchants+combat dmg boost)*(1+other modifier)

Yes it is actually quite complicated

Selection of Basic Enchants:

Sharpness- does not work
Vicious (ferocity in general)- does not work
First strike and Triple strike- does not work
Life steal and Syphon- does not work (what do you expect)
Thunderlord and Thunderbolt- does not work

Lethality- defense reduction works on magic dmg, but magic dmg hits won’t cause defense reduction
Vampirism- works
Smite and Bane- works
Giant killer and Titan killer- works
Execute and Prosecute- works
Ender slayer and Dragon Hunter- works
Cubism and Impaling- works
Luck, Scavenger and Looting- works
Telekinesis- works

Tell if I miss anything pls

Smite VS Bane
Obviously, the clear winner is Smite, because the only spider enemies rn are all weak af

Do note that smite doesn’t work on all undeads, the ‘undeads’ which are ‘players’ are not affected by smite

Giant killer VS Titan killer
Titan killer, may seem insanely good at first, but instead, giant killer just gives +35% dmg (lvl 7) on basically every mob in game, but titan killer only gives slightly more dmg on very small group of mobs, such as necron

So Giant killer all the way, no doubt

Prosecute VS Execute
Execute would deal more dmg on bosses (or difficult mobs that aren’t one tapped), and prosecute would be better for clearing

All depends on the purpose of your weapon

Syphon VS Life Steal
I mean, you will probably still left click at the same time even if you are a pure ability mage

Personally I prefer life steal, because my crit chance is only around 60% in dungeons (relic sheep+heroic hyp), and I want that consistent healing

Up to you honestly

Selection of Ultimate Enchants

One for all- what do you expect?
Combo- Does not buff magic dmg, but mobs killed with magic weapons with combo ultimate enchant, will still give you stats [needs confirmation]
Chimera- works (ability dmg (the stat) scales fully with cata levels)
Ultimate wise- works
Swarm- surprisingly works (tested)
Soul eater- very surprisingly works (tested)

(not gonna talk about combo cuz I am quite inexperienced in terms of physical dmg)

Ultimate wise
Basically the cost-efficient ultimate enchant for most mage items, doubling your effective mana is just way too good

Tho if you have infinite money, the other enchant- chimera may be better

Recommended mage weapons to use this: Everything

Chimera (100m for lvl 1 right now btw)
The price tag of this right now... is just too insane, diana when?

Anyway, it is actaully insanely powerful after the enchanting update, due to a new stat called ‘ability damage’ being introduced (I am gonna talk a lot about this enchant because it really is interesting)

Recommended mage weapons to use this:
Hyperion and Midas staff (inside of dungeons, with sheep)

For example, a sheep with minos relic, gives 26.67% ability damage, and with chimera, you can make your magic weapon give you 26.67% extra ability dmg, plus with cata 33 and 5 star, it will give exactly +100% ability damage on the weapon

That explains the insane price tag of it, but it does not mean that it is good for every single weapon

For example, you aren’t gonna put this on an aote because it does no magic dmg, and putting that on a sceptre would just drain your mana and barely make you clear rooms faster

Besides, chimera is kinda useless if you use wither sk pet in boss room (tho sheep pet deals more dmg in f7 boss room than wither sk pet if you use chimera, but wither sk gives 30% dmg reduction), and chimera is not really practical for hyperion outside of dungeons due to the high mana drain

Swarm and Soul Eater
I bet they never expected us to use swarm/soul eater for magic dmg, but they somehow did allow us to do this

Honestly tho, both enchants are rather disappointing for mages, because swarm is counted as ‘enchantment damage’, meaning that it is additive with enchants and combat, making it rather ineffective

Recommended mage weapons to use Swam:
Ink wand

For soul eater, it isn’t really that good on magic weapons, personally I only put it on my frozen scythe, it does increase its dmg by 12-50% when clearing (depends on the mobs), but I’d say it is meh cuz you don’t need damage when clearing

Fun when you kill a deathmite and use it, th

Recommended mage weapons to use Soul Eater:
Frozen scythe (barely recommended, just use ult wise)

(This is only my own theory, take it with a grain of salt)
Swarm- The damage bonus is counted as enchantment dmg, meaning magic dmg can benefit from it

Soul eater- This one is kinda complicated, but I think by the ‘mob’s strength’, it means the damage that the mob deals (you can check by viewing the soul of the mob using a reaper scythe btw), and adds the damage amount to your final damage output (I am not sure if enchants/modifiers are processed before or after the soul eater)

So basically, suppose you killed a mob with 10k ‘strength’ with soul eater V, your next hit would deal 100k more dmg, and this includes magic damage

Hope you find this information and cya all
Back to grinding skills

[Guide/List] Enchants for Magic Items (ult enchants included) (2024)


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