Interior Design Symbols For Floor Plans: A Comprehensive Guide - Engineering's Advice (2024)

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Interior design symbols play a crucial role in creating detailed and informative floor plans. These symbols provide a visual representation of furniture, fixtures, and architectural features, helping interior designers and homeowners visualize and communicate their design ideas effectively.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the essential interior design symbols used in floor plans and understand their meanings.

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Commonly Used Interior Design Symbols

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1. Furniture Symbols

  • Sofa: Represented by a rectangular shape with lines indicating cushions.
  • Bed: Depicted as a rectangular shape with a small line at the headboard.
  • Dining Table: Shown as a square or rectangular shape with chairs around it.
  • Wardrobe: Illustrated as a rectangle with lines indicating doors and shelves inside.
  • Desk: Represented by a rectangular shape with lines for drawers and legs.

2. Fixtures and Fittings Symbols

  • Door: Represented by a straight line with an arc indicating the swing direction.
  • Window: Shown as a straight line with two short lines on each side to indicate the opening.
  • Toilet: Illustrated as a circle with lines indicating the bowl and tank.
  • Sink: Depicted as a circle with lines indicating the faucet and drain.

3. Architectural Symbols

  • Wall: Represented by a solid line.
  • Partition: Shown as a dashed line.
  • Stairs: Illustrated with lines and arrows to indicate the direction.

4. Electrical Symbols

  • Electrical Outlet: Depicted as a circle with lines indicating the plugs.
  • Light Fixture: Shown as a circle with lines indicating the light source.

5. Miscellaneous Symbols

  • Fireplace: Represented by a rectangle with diagonal lines inside.
  • Plant: Illustrated as a simple shape with lines for leaves and stems.

Interpreting Interior Design Symbols in Floor Plans

Understanding interior design symbols is essential for accurately interpreting floor plans. Here are some tips on how to interpret these symbols effectively:

  1. Refer to the Legend: Each floor plan should have a legend that explains the meaning of each symbol used. Always refer to the legend to understand the specific representation of each element.
  2. Pay Attention to Scale: The size of the symbols relative to the floor plan’s scale is essential. Larger symbols generally indicate larger furniture or fixtures, while smaller symbols represent smaller elements.
  3. Consider Context: Analyze the overall layout of the floor plan and the arrangement of symbols in relation to each other. This will help you understand how the different elements interact within the space.
  4. Think Three-Dimensionally: While floor plans are two-dimensional, visualize how the elements represented by symbols will appear in a three-dimensional space. This will give you a better sense of the overall design.


Q: Can I create my own interior design symbols for floor plans?

A: Yes, you can create custom symbols as long as they are clear and easily understandable. However, using standard and widely recognized symbols is recommended for clear communication.

Q: Are interior design symbols universally the same across all floor plans?

A: While many symbols are commonly used in floor plans, there may be slight variations in their representation depending on the region or design software used. Always refer to the legend or key provided for clarity.

Q: How do interior designers use floor plan symbols during the design process?

A: Interior designers use symbols to create detailed floor plans that accurately represent their design ideas. These plans serve as a blueprint for the actual implementation of the design.

Q: Can I use digital tools to create floor plans with interior design symbols?

A: Yes, there are various design software and online tools available that allow you to create floor plans and incorporate interior design symbols digitally.

Q: Do interior design symbols differ for residential and commercial floor plans?

A: While some symbols may be the same, there could be variations in the symbols used for specific elements in residential and commercial floor plans. Always refer to the legend provided for accurate interpretation.


Interior design symbols are a fundamental part of floor plans, enabling clear communication and visualization of design concepts. By understanding these symbols and their meanings, both professionals and homeowners can effectively interpret floor plans and bring their interior design visions to life with precision and accuracy. Whether you’re planning a residential or commercial space, mastering these symbols will enhance your interior design endeavors.

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Interior Design Symbols For Floor Plans: A Comprehensive Guide - Engineering's Advice (2024)


What are symbols on the floor plan? ›

What Are Floor Plan Symbols? Floor plan symbols represent the size and location of structural elements like walls, doors, windows, and stairs, as well as mechanical elements like plumbing and HVAC systems.

What are the 11 basic features commonly shown on a floor plan? ›

Name the 11 basic features commonly found on a floor plan. Exterior & interior walls; size & location of windows & doors; built-in cabinets & appliances; permanent fixtures; stairs; fireplaces; walks, patios, & decks; room names; material symbols; location & size dimensions; & scale.

What does WD mean on a floor plan? ›

W/D – Washer and Dryer (if shown together as with the floor plan above, that indicated the appliances are stacked) P. – Pantry. STOR. – Storage area.

What does F mean on a floor plan? ›

F or FURN – Furnace. FPL – Fireplace. KIT – Kitchen. KS – Knee Space. LN – Linen Closet.

What are symbols in design? ›

So, What exactly are symbols in graphics? Symbols are images that we use to tell stories in business, life, and design. A symbol in the design world is a combination of graphic elements that can be used to represent a brand's identity, communicate its story, and influence how consumers perceive it.

What is the purpose of symbols used in plans and drawings? ›

Firstly, symbols in architectural drawings indicate what and where things need to be built and installed. For example, by identifying the shape of a door symbol, we can easily understand its type (e.g. single-hinged, double-swing, or sliding door).

What is the most important thing in floor plan? ›

While the first family may want the kids' bedrooms next to the master bedroom, for example, the newlywed couple may prioritize an entertainment den that can fit a home theater. Of all of the factors to consider when selecting floor plans, lifestyle is probably the most important.

What are the key characteristics of a good floor plan when designing your house? ›

What are the key characteristics of a functional floor plan?
  • Maximize the property. ...
  • Utilize space effectively. ...
  • Accessibility. ...
  • Flexibility. ...
  • Functionality. ...
  • Maximize the use of light. ...
  • Attention to size. ...
  • Fitting to your lifestyle.
Feb 5, 2019

How do you read a house plan symbol? ›

Walls, Windows, and Doors - Plan Symbols and Features

The walls are the strongest visual elements in a floor plan. Walls are represented by parallel lines and may be solid or filled with a pattern. Breaks in walls indicate doors, windows and openings between rooms.

What is the P in a floor plan? ›

P, PAN or PANTRY = Pantry. Depending on the plan, the pantry could be as small as the refrigerator or as large as a luxury walk-in closet.

What does SS stand for in floor plan? ›

Stainless Steel

What does DP mean on a floor plan? ›


What does HB mean on house plans? ›

HVAC: Heating, Ventilation-Air Conditioning. HT: Height. HC: Hollow Core. HOR: Horizontal. HB: Hose Bib.

What does FS mean on construction drawings? ›

FS: Full Size, Far Side, Federal Standards, Fused Switch, Floor Sink.

What does FF mean on house plans? ›

Architectural Abbreviations
#Pound OR Number
FFFinished Face or Finished Floor
FFLFinished Floor Level
110 more rows
Sep 3, 2023

What are symbols in construction drawings? ›

Building material symbols are used in construction drawings to show the finish material for a project, such as a floor or wall. Symbols are also used to show the internal material of construction systems and are used in detail drawings to show the make-up of walls, floors, and ceilings.

What is a symbol in construction? ›

1 Types of symbols

Symbols are graphical representations of objects, features, or actions that are used to communicate information quickly and effectively. Different types of symbols are used in construction drawings, depending on the purpose and scope of the drawing.

Where are symbols for a set of plans located? ›

For reference, every set of architectural drawings includes a symbol legend. If you aren't familiar with a symbol, you will be able to find it in the legend. Floor plan notes give additional context for the building. For instance, the notes can clarify exactly to what point on a wall dimensions should be measured.

What is an architectural symbol? ›

Architectural symbols are abbreviations that make architectural drawings easier to read and navigate.


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