KI FAQ — Koto Design - Architect designed prefab homes and cabins in the UK, Europe and USA. (2024)


What is the difference between a cabin and a house?

Our cabins and houses adhere to distinct regulations. Houses are constructed under Full UK Building Regulations, which can be considered permanent structures. These regulations demand higher standards for insulation, fire safety, structural integrity, and energy efficiency. Our cabins comply with BS3632, which applies to temporary structures and is suitable for sites such as park homes or, in some cases as ancillary accommodation. The primary distinction lies in the compliance requirements, including the necessary paperwork, inspections, and approvals by Koto and local authorities. This is particularly relevant for financing builds that require a mortgage.

what are the lead times?

Please refer to the brochure provided. Our lead times are indicative and depend on factory slots. Factory slots come on a first come first served basis.


How much does a Ki cost?

Prices begin at:

who do i pay?

Design and coordination fees are invoiced by Koto, while construction and delivery costs are billed by our manufacturing partner.

What do the prices include?

  • Koto design & coordination fee.

  • Fully finished modular building, inclusive of above ground structure, all external and internal finishes, windows, and doors.

  • Kitchen with appliances.

  • Bathroom with all fixtures and fittings.

  • Plumbing & electrics, inclusive of all lighting, sockets, and switches.

  • Heating via electric radiators and hot water via electric boiler.

  • Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery System.

what does the price exclude?

  • Pre-Application and Planning Application fees.

  • Planning fees to the local authority.

  • Site works including foundations, site services, and landscaping.

  • Specification upgrades (refer to our specification builder.)

  • Transport, logistics & installation costs.

  • Bespoke interior design & curation.

  • Furniture & Blinds.

  • Travel expenses and disbursem*nts.

  • VAT.

What is the extent of the work that Koto will manage on my behalf?

If appointed, Koto can manage the site design and planning application, along with coordinating the modular build. Clients will need to appoint other consultants and a groundworks contractor for site works.

Can I get a mortgage?

Obtaining a mortgage may be possible if your cabin is to be built under Full UK Building Regulations.

What is the payment schedule?

Planning and site design fees are payable upfront.

When you are ready to begin production, a 5% deposit is required to start the design and coordination of your specification. This deposit will be refunded upon placing the order with the manufacturor. Subsequent payments will be made according to the manufacturor's payment schedule.


Is my site suitable?

Suitability depends on location and access. Please refer to the 'Planning' section for more details and consider an Access & Logistics survey to assess suitability.

What size plot do I need?

For viability, we recommend a site size of at least 200 sqm.

Will Koto visit my site?

A site visit at the outset will depend on the level of service required from us. Koto will always visit the manufacturor during the build to monitor progress and quality control, and will visit the site at the end to carry out snagging and certify the completion of the unit.

Travel expenses are excluded.


Do I need planning permission?

Most circ*mstances require planning permission. The planning route typically involves a new dwelling under Full UK Building Regulations, but alternatives exist for BS3632 cabins in specific contexts.

Can Koto help with planning?

Yes, we can provide planning drawings for self-submission or manage the application process on your behalf, offering guidance through our experienced consultants.

The Ki Cabin

What is the overall size (internal and external footprint)?

  • Internal footprint: 81 sqm.

  • External footprint: 101 sqm, including porches and canopies.

What is the overall height?

  • Internal height: Approximately between 2 - 2.9 metres.

  • External height: Approximately 3.6 metres.

How many bedrooms are there?

Offered as either a 2 or 3-bedroom cabin, each configuration includes a family bathroom and an ensuite to the main bedroom.

Can I customise my Ki?

While the Ki's structure is predefined, customization options are available through our online spec builder and bespoke interior design service. Follow the link here to build your bespoke cabin: Koto Ki Online Configurator.


Who carries out the site work?

Clients are responsible for sourcing a groundworker for foundations, services, and landscaping, with Koto providing a work scope summary to assist.

What type of foundations do I need?

Foundation type varies by site conditions, typically pad foundations or piles, determined by a structural engineer.

Can you provide decking?

Decking is not included in the cabin costs. Depending on size and complexity, our manufacturer may be able to provide decking. Koto can assist with design if desired.

Please get in touch if you have any other specific questions, we’d be delighted to help.

KI FAQ — Koto Design - Architect designed prefab homes and cabins in the UK, Europe and USA. (2024)


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