Mikaela Fuente Age, Height, Wiki, Net Worth, BF & Bio (2024)

Mikaela Fuente, also known by her username mikalafuente is an Argentina-based Tiktok star, Instagram model, and social media celebrity. She is well-known for sharing her beautiful pictures on her Instagram handle.

Also, she often shares short videos on her Tiktok account. She has amassed a few hundred thousand followers on all social media profiles combined. Read the entire article to find more information about her age, height, wiki, net worth, bf, bio, weight, body measurements, family, ethnicity, parents, siblings, nationality, religion, and more.

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Mikaela Fuente Wiki/Biography

Born in an Argentian family in Argentina, Mikaela Fuente’s date of birth is on 13 June 2002. Her nickname is Mika and her zodiac sign is Gemini.

She completed her schooling at an unknown educational institute in her hometown. However, Mikaela hasn’t shared any details about her higher studies.

Her ethnicity is Argentian while her nationality is unavailable. However, there is no information about her parents or siblings on the internet.

Her marital status is unmarried and she is currently single. However, she has dated at least one person in the past.

Real NameMikaela Fuente
ProfessionTiktok star, Instagram model, and social media celebrity
Age21 [as of 2023]
Date of Birth13 June 2002
Zodiac SignGemini
NationalityNot known
CollegeNot Known
Famous ForInstagram

Mikaela Fuente Age, Height & More

As of 2023, Mikaela Fuente is 21 years old. Her height is 5 feet 7 inches & her weight is 53 kg. Mika has light brown eyes and brown eyes.

Her body measurements are 31-23-35 & her shoe size is 9 (US). Coming to her physical features, she has a gorgeous face and a stunning figure.

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Mikaela Fuente began her social media career by launching her mikalafuente Instagram account. Her oldest post was uploaded in November 2020.

However, she has shared content before and has been on the platform for more than four years. Though she has been sharing posts for a few years, she has only found online success this year.

As an internet model, she is seen sharing her beautiful modeling pictures with her followers. Her photos began to appear to millions of people at the beginning of this year. In fact, she gained more than 200k followers in the first three months of 2022.

Though her growth slowed down, she continues to gain a few thousand followers each month. Currently, she has more than 805k followers and she follows almost 800 people.

Leaving Instagram, she is quite active on Tiktok. On the app, she is found sharing her modeling short videos. In the videos, she is often seen showcasing her swimwear and fashion outfits. She only started sharing videos in mid 2022. Right now, she has around 3 million followers with 44 million likes.

Mikaela Fuente Net Worth

Mikaela Fuente’s net worth is $250,000 (estimated). Her major income sources are sponsorships and Onlyfans. As an Instagram model, she works with various fashion and swimwear brands in order to promote their products.

She was mostly seen promoting the products of the company BoutineLA. Currently, her Instagram account’s engagement rate stands at 17%. As per our estimations, she would be charging around $1,250 for a sponsored post.

Coming to the details about her earnings from Onlyfans. She has just recently created her Onlyfans account. To attract her fans, she has decided to make her subscription plan available for free.

So far, she has only shared 21 posts and gained over three thousand likes. Though the subscription plan is free, she started making money through PPV content and tips.


  • She has a tattoo inked on her back and left arm.
  • She can speak English and Spanish fluently.
  • Though she is based in Argentina, she lives in the US right now.
  • She shares vlogs on her self-titled YouTube channel with 7k subscribers.
  • She doesn’t have an account on Twitter yet.
  • Does she sm0ke? Not known.
  • She loves to attend various parties.
  • Does she consume alc0hol? Yes.
  • She loves pets, especially dogs.

FAQs about Mikaela Fuente

Who is Mikaela Fuente?

Mikaela Fuente is a Tiktok star, Instagram model, and social media celebrity.

How old is Mikaela Fuente?

Mikaela Fuente’s age is 21 as of 2023.

How tall is Mikaela Fuente?

She stands 5 feet 7 inches tall.

How much is Mikaela Fuente worth?

Her estimated net worth is $250,000.

What is Mikaela Fuente’s ethnicity?


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Mikaela Fuente Age, Height, Wiki, Net Worth, BF & Bio (2024)


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