'Royal Crown' Neon Sign (2024)

Are they hard to install?Not at all!Nuwave Neon signs come ready to hang, with pre-drilled holes. If you can hang a picture frame, you can hang a Neon! Have questions? Send us a message!

What are LED neon signs?

LED neon signs are vastly different from traditional neon gas lights. They are safer, more energy-efficient and are actually brighter by 5-10%. You’ll also love that they cost 80% less to run than those old neon signs.

How much safer are LED neon signs than traditional gas neon signs?

A lot safer. By a long shot. They don’t get warm to the touch; they use less energy and have no toxic gasses. And, because they use such a low amount of energy, they’re also low risk for any electrical hazards. They’re pretty much better than traditional neon signs in every way. No dangers or worries. Just 100% fresh poppin’ color with an eco-friendly flavor.

What’s the energy consumption of an LED neon sign?

When we say our signs are more energy-efficient, we mean it. An average sign gives you anestimated 50,000 hours of gorgeous light beaming in oh-so-stunning colour. That means, if you run your light for 5 hours a day, it could last up to 30 years.

What makes Nuwave Neon signs different?

Not all neon sign companies are created equal. Quality is at the heart of all that we do, and that’s why each Nuwave Neon sign comes with an industry leading 24-month warranty (12-month warranty for waterproof/outdoor signs). Also, our support team is always ready to brighten-up your day, whenever you need a hand or support.

Where is Nuwave Neon located?

Our HQ is located in sunny, balmy, breezy Tampa, Florida. We weren’t joking when we said we love light.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Updated 6/5/2024.

All our Neons are crafted from scratch just for you and shipped worldwide. Our current shipping estimates and rate can be found below:

  • Free Standard Shipping - 12-15 Business Days: $0
    FedEx® or DHL® Express - 7-12 Business Days: $29.99
    FedEx® or DHL® Priority - 4-8 Business Days: $99.99

Please note: Shipping may be impacted by FedEx, UPS, and DHL delays.

What if I need my sign ASAP?

No problem! We offer priority production on all orders. Simply select this option when you checkout to expedite your order. This will push your order to the top of our order queue and an additional charge will be added. With priority orders, you can expect to receive your neon sign up to an additional week sooner than standard production and processing.

Can you make custom neon signs?

Heck yes. This is our bread and butter. Use our neon customizerto create a text-based Nuwave Neon sign. If you need something more custom, such as an image or logo, simply email our design team atcustom@nuwaveneon.com.

What is the difference between standard single-color and multi-color?

Great question! Here are the differences between the color types:

· Standard single-color: This is the color you have selected. It is not changeable.

· Multi-color: This allows you to change the color of your sign to not just one color, but several of our most popular colors ( Lust Red, Hot Pink, Deep Blue, Ice Blue, Purple, Lucky Green, White & Orange) and several additional modes. Simply just use the remote included with your order to make the rainbows fly.

Are your neon signs easy to hang and set up?

As easy as a Sunday afternoon nap! Simply choose a space on your wall and use the stainless-steel mounting brackets that come with your sign to transform your space. Can't drill in the wall of your residence? No problem! We highly recommend using command strips.

Where do you ship to?

We ship our products worldwide with complimentarypriority shipping. All of our orders are insured against damage during the shipping process.

Are your neon signs safe to ship?

We wouldn’t dare risk ruining our handmade artwork. Lucky for everyone, our handcrafted neon signs are super durable and safe to ship. But just to be safe, we don't spare any expenses when it comes to protecting your neon sign. We also use the highest quality packaging materials to ensure it arrives to you in perfect condition. Every package is custom-made to conform to your sign.

Help! I need help!

If it’s an emergency, you should probably call 911. If it’s something to do with our lights, we’re here to assist you! Simply emailus directly at support@nuwaveneon.com.

How long do your LED neon signs last?

Our LED neon signs are all rated for 50,000 hours. That’s nearly 3X the life expectancy of traditional neon signs. If problems arise, they are typically due to the 12V transformer that powers your sign and those can be replaced and are covered under your warranty.

Should any problems arise, please email us at support@nuwaveneon.com.

'Royal Crown' Neon Sign (2024)


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