The 12 best bars and drinks in Columbia (2024)

Deuce Pub & Pit is a sports-centric establishment that offers a variety of activities and amenities. The venue features a pool table, darts, and a patio volleyball court for patrons to enjoy while indulging in bar food during happy hours. The outdoor seating area provides an unreal patio experience where guests can partake in games like bags, bocce ball, and volleyball.

The deuce is the best! Liz, Carter, Drew, Chloe, Audrey! Who could ask for better service? If I had to pick one thing that separates the deuce from the rest is the staff. They exemplify customer service like none other. The pizza is fantastic and the wings are a personal favorite of mine.

Mariah C — Google review

Nice and loud. Awesome lights all around. Tons of tvs. They have a Pool table, basketball game, dart board and shuffle board. Pizza was really thin, not impressed. West Coast fries had a sauce with a kick. Spinach and artichoke dip needs more flavor, but the burger was good. Not really a place to go for the food but would definitely be fun for drinking and watching one of there 50 TV screens.

Monica A — Google review

This place is seriously one of the best spots in Columbia. The food is top tier and atmosphere is unmatched. Always a friendly crowd in the establishment for any occasion, and I have always had the best service by both bartenders and waitresses here. Not to mention, the patio is one of the coolest and unique features with sand volleyball courts and bags to keep yourself entertained if the scenery doesn’t blow you away first. Amazing establishment!

Tommy H — Google review

The only downfall was that even if you don’t go in to play sand volleyball…you still get sand in your shoes when you sit in the outdoor seating area…otherwise…great food, great staff, great experiences.

Gracie's W — Google review

Best staff in town! The waitress and bartenders were friendly and fast. They were knowledgeable about menu items and beers on tap. Couldn’t have asked for better service. I got the bacon, pepperoni, and green pepper pizza. It was fantastic.

Elizabeth L — Google review

I absolutely love stopping in at The Deuce with my friends for food after class. Not only is the staff extremely friendly and attentive, but the building is exceptionally well kept and the patio allows for the perfect spot to enjoy the weather! Last time I was there I got the bone-in original buffalo wings, and just like the rest of their food items, they were awesome! I cannot wait for their sand volleyball season to start, they run the best league in CoMo.

Tate J — Google review

I have been to the Deuce multiple times now and I will keep coming back. They offer a good amount of indoor seating as well as a HUGE patio. Inside there is a pool table, two dart boards and shuffleboard. I have tried a few different things from their menu but I love the pretzels and pepperoni pizza. There are TV's everywhere and if the game you want isn't on you can just ask and the employees will most likely be able to put it on. The waitresses and bartenders have been so polite and helpful every time and always have food recommendations when I ask. There is also a very wide selection of beers and liquors to choose from. The atmosphere here is so fun and upbeat; I really feel welcomed into the place every time I go and the music really keeps the energy up.

Kennedy B — Google review

Great bar! Loved There Bavarian pretzel sticks and the house made queso. The patio is perfect when the weather is nice to play bags. Also if the weather is bad they have covered outdoor seating. Will definitely be returning.

Evan B — Google review

I am in my 50s, I want a conversation with a woman while out of work/home. I don’t want to watch tv, play on my phone for companionship, I do these while alone in office at work and my home. I want to hug laugh , not be depressed and irritated at the same age groups sharing their stories. I have better time @The FieldHouse in Columbia. Drinks and food are reasonable and tasty. Lonely and more irratable than before my one night out in town. Needs more parking. Great outdoor space and volleyball courts.

Darin D — Google review

Nice chill vibe and a good place to unwind after work. This place is very neat as it has an entire world entertainment area hidden behind it. You must visit to see. It’s your typical bar food but the shrimp n honey mustard were good. The onion strings tasted like old grease, but I would possibly try them again. There are plenty ways to watch a live game here with the multiple TVs!

Alundis P — Google review

This place has so much to offer. It’s a great happy hour spot with an unreal patio to enjoy the day or play games (bags, bocce ball, volleyball).They also have some pretty amazing bar food. I never knew the deuce would be a good spot to grab lunch, but I found out that their burger/fries are amazing through a friend. I’ve ended up trying a lot more from the deuce. From their wings to fried pickles to their salads. This menu surprised me and has become a go to lunch spot for with how close it is to my office!

Realtor R — Google review

I think my absolute favorite thing about The Deuce is their selection of draft beer. There’s 25 different options to choose from so there’s something for everyone! When you pair this with a massive patio, great service and stellar food, there’s no better place in Columbia to have a drink!

Alex W — Google review

I had the best experience at the Deuce Pub and Pit! I went there with friends and we all shared appetizers of mac and cheese bites, toasted ravioli, and buffalo chicken egg rolls (one of a kind), all which were VERY tasty! The staff were super attentive and outstanding. The back yard was unforgettable with sand volleyball courts, corn hole, and more. Super fun to watch all the volleyball teams battling it out. I will definitely think about signing up for summer league! Overall, great drinks, food, and people!

Riece C — Google review

Absolutely loved my experience at Deuce! The ambiance was inviting and energetic. The staff was incredibly friendly and attentive, making sure our needs were met throughout the meal. As for the food, it was delicious! Whether you're craving classic comfort food or something more adventurous, they've got you covered. And let's not forget about the drinks! The bar selection was impressive, with creative co*cktails and a great variety of beers and whiskeys. Overall, it exceeded my expectations and I can't wait to go back

Zander Z — Google review

Great place I usually come to watch the Braves play, and Tiger game days! Amazing service every time, very friendly servers and bartenders. High quality food like this best damn Philly wrap I got! My wife’s work had HH here and it was awesome, went on the patio and played a few games of bags too!

Anthony G — Google review

Whether you need a quick happy hour drink, lunch with the family, or a Saturday night out, Deuce can do it all! There are tons of TVs inside the bar, and some outside on the patio too, which makes for a perfect NFL Sunday. Their patio is one of the largest I’ve seen in Columbia, and there are outdoor games, like cornhole and sand volleyball! Inside, there is a pool table, darts, shuffleboard, and more games. The kitchen is open late, and the food is more than just bar food! I personally love the taco pizza, hot honey garlic boneless wings, and the bavarian pretzels sticks with queso. When you visit, you NEED to try their ranch and Deuce sauce! I would definitely recommend Deuce Pub and Pit to anyone looking for their new go-to bar!

Jaidon L — Google review

One of my favorite spots in Columbia. Food is great and kitchen is open late, signature bombs are delicious, and the sand volleyball courts always make for a fun night. The staff certainly make the experience, however. They make sure drinks are never empty and do it with a smile on their face!

Ben P — Google review

I had my 21st birthday here at Deuce Pub And Pit . And the staff was amazing. Accommodate us with everything we needed tables pushed together, great food, great drinks, and overall great experience! Liz and Drew bartend that night and made sure that we were taking care of the entire time.They also have a ton of games such as pool, two dart boards, corn hole, and bocce ball! We definitely will be coming back.

Ellie M — Google review

Love this place! Service is great, you will never go thirsty! Servers are on point in keeping the drinks full. The food is fantastic! It's not your average bar food. The queso and chips along with the chicken tenders and fries is a go-to for me. Try their pizza and street tacos as well, can't go wrong! Great vibe!

Tiffany C — Google review

The deuce is a perfect versatile bar! Not only does it boast many fun games and activities (bocce ball, bean bags, volleyball, darts, pool, a basketball machine, and more!) but the food is great as well! Whether it be a busy Friday night with music and party lights, a bustling football game atmosphere, or a calm afternoon lunch on the patio, the service is always top notch! I recommend the pretzel sticks for an appetizer, and the Thai wings if you’re looking for a meal. Their pizzas are also delicious and you can build your own or select from a variety of specialty pizzas. If you’ve never been, check out the deuce for a date night, a night out with friends, or even a solo trip to work outside, have a beer, and get out of the office!

Aspen S — Google review

The outdoor volleyball is amazing for that lively energetic feel you want at the bar! My friends and I love to either play and/or drink and watch games with great service from the staff! They have an awesome selection of liquor with new co*cktails. The Sweet Tea Mule is delicious and I would recommend a patio seat on a nice day!

Lily M — Google review

I love bringing my friends to the Deuce for excellent drinks and a good time! We particularly love the Volleyball season and competing in the Sand Volleyball League offered here! If you are looking for a good time and some fun with the weather getting warmer, definitely check this place out and join a Volleyball league!

Drew H — Google review

I always have the best time when I come to Deuce! the staff is very attentive and personable and the food is to die for! I would highly recommend the Jumbo wings and pepper jack bites! They have a spacious patio that me and my friends love hanging out on and having a drink, watching volleyball, and playing bags! I will definitely be signing up for the volleyball summer league!

Skylar B — Google review

The 12 best bars and drinks in Columbia (2024)


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